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We help nonprofit leaders experience the benefits of healthier, more effective organizations.

Why Cedarstone?

In Bible times, Cedar was often used as foundation pieces in building, while stones were used to signify truth, used as both boundary markers and as witnesses to key events. Cedarstone is built on these two elements, as a place where the pillars of strength and truth help non-profit organization thrive and flourish.

Cedarstone is a wonderful place to work! Our teams serve a growing base of non-profit organizations, providing operations, analytics and strategy services. Our work environment is collaborative, engaging, and joyful. Opportunities for personal growth and advancement abound.

Why not work at a job that has a real impact? A place where your colleagues have the same commitment to working hard and serving with integrity? Where you are a partner serving multiple groups – all working hard to truly change the world?

Cedarstone is the place to be – for people starting careers or those wanting to make a mid-career shift to do truly worthwhile and meaningful work.  Come and see if you have what it takes to join the Cedarstone team!