We deliver data-driven tools and insights to make better decisions and increase effectiveness.

Fundraising Analytics

Our approach starts with donor analytics to identify donor segments and behavioral trends that provide the basis for developing measurable fundraising strategies.  Data-driven insights drive decisions for program development and digital media strategies.


Our aim is to provide executives, managers and field staff with easily accessible information to measure what matters most.  This service begins with the definition of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the organization and the development of dashboards to tell the story.

Data Management

Your organizational data provides countless opportunities for insights and increasing efficiency.  Our team helps you manage your data as a precious resource helping you analyze, structure, cleanse and migrate data for the best use for your decision making.

Their expertise, support, and direction goes far beyond what we could achieve with additional full-time staff and has enabled our organization to reach the next level in providing holistic care for orphaned children.” – Oasis for Orphans